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Obstacles In Your Mind Are Not As Real A...

Obstacles In Your Mind Are Not As Real As They Appear

  You know that message that is written on the side-view mirror of your car?  The one that says “objects in mirror appear closer than they are”.  The obstacles in your life, may sometimes appear larger and more real than they are, and they can often stand in the way of you getting what you want […]

One More Chance

One More Chance

Are you unhappy in your marriage?  Are you waiting for your spouse to change from being uncaring, inattentive, undemonstrative and angry into someone who is attentive, loving, affectionate and peaceful?  How long have you been waiting for that to happen?  When was the last time you truly felt loved and appreciated by your spouse?  When […]

Work & Life

Work & Life

Are you too worried, overwhelmed or stuck, to do the things you really want to do? Do any of these statements describe you? Exhausted and stressed at the end of each workday. Desk/office looks like a hurricane passed through it. Know you should delegate more, but  just can’t seem to let go of certain tasks. Technology […]

Sleep is Important by Mary Francis

Sleep is Important by Mary Francis

Today, I am sharing an article from my friend, author Mary Francis.  Mary has written a wonderful book,  The Sisterhood of Widows.   After twenty-seven years of marriage, at the age of 50, Mary became a widow.   I hope that Mary’s words will bring comfort and encouragement to those of you who have experienced the loss […]

Divorce, Children, Families and the Holi...

Divorce, Children, Families and the Holidays

When spouses with children divorce, everyone is impacted. Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends will all feel the aftermath of the divorce.  Holidays can be stress-filled, uncomfortable and challenging.  Long standing family holiday traditions inevitably change when a divorce happens.  Your ex-in-law’s support and loyalty will most likely go to your ex-spouse, their son […]

Are You Sacrificing Your SELF for Your R...

Are You Sacrificing Your SELF for Your Relationship?

Some of my past relationships have been very one-sided.  Looking back, I know it was because, in each one of those relationships, I chose very selfish, immature men to be in relationship with and then I made their happiness more important than my own. In one of those relationships, my partner made it very clear, […]

Someone’s Attitude Got you Down? 5 Ways

Someone’s Attitude Got you Down?  5 Ways to Find Serenity Now.

    Do you typically sail along through your days, feeling content and able to take life’s challenges in stride, but all it takes is a mopey or disgruntled attitude from your life partner and you find yourself in a downward spiral?  Does this happen to you when your boss or your parent or child is in a less […]