Do you think of yourself as a kind and loving person?  Are you, really?

If we squeeze an orange, the only thing that comes out of the orange, is orange juice.  There is no chance that we will get grape juice or anything else from the orange.  When someone “squeezes” you, what comes out?   When the waiter is too slow or brings the wrong order, how do you react?  When you’re stuck in traffic and late for an appointment, what do you instinctively do?

Many of us think of ourselves as being kind and loving people and most of the time we are, but for most of us, including me, there are moments when we do not live up to our own expectations.   Do you ever find it difficult to maintain your calm and loving demeanor when incompetent, insensitive or rude people cross your path?  How about those times when inconvenient situations slow you down?  To truly be a kind and loving person, shouldn’t kindness and love be the only behaviors that come out of us when we are “squeezed”?  Yes, there are times when we have to stand up for ourselves, but we can still do it in a kind and respectful manner.  

No, we are not expected to be perfectly in control of our emotions all the time, but having a goal of being less reactive and more compassionate and accepting, can only benefit us.  To achieve this, we must learn to practice being conscious throughout each day.  When we are aware  of what we are thinking we can adjust our reaction or behavior sooner rather than later.  

When you begin to feel angry, impatient or frustrated, take a moment to discover what is the underlying thought?  Are you feeling slighted, mistreated or something else?  Are you frightened or worried about an outcome?  Are you making assumptions that may or may not be true?  What approach would a kind and loving person take to this situation? 

The next time someone or something “squeezes” you, what will come out?  Kindness? Love?