We’re born with it.  It’s the ability to bounce back again and again when life knocks us down.

Why are some people able to move on after a tragedy or traumatic experience, but others are not?   Is there something superhuman about those of us who move on seemingly unscathed by an event that others cannot seem to move past?  The people who are able to move past tragedy and trauma, are not superhuman.  They are simply tapping into their innate resilience.

Resilience is not something we have to learn and it never goes away.  However,  it can get covered up with lies that seem to be true.  We can be seduced into believing that the event or person has broken us, and that we will never be the same again.

The only way we can feel broken, is if we choose to believe that we are broken.  When we limit ourselves in that way, we stay stuck in the past.  We relive the incident over and over again in our minds, and we feel the emotions that went along with that event as if they are happening now.

The people who get up, dust themselves off, and go on with their lives, are no different than anyone else.  They simply choose not to allow fearful thoughts to control them.  They have learned to ignore those thoughts most of the time.  When a scary thought does manage to get their attention, they quickly realize what is happening and set the thought aside.

Anyone can master the ability to drop the thoughts that hold them back from living peaceful lives or doing the things they want to do.  It doesn’t’ require a lot of effort or work.  It can happen in an instant, and have benefits that last a lifetime.