As a Transformative Coach, I help people move past whatever is holding them back from having the type of relationship, career or business they really want. 

What is Transformative Coaching?

Change happens, when our thinking changes.

Transformative Coaching facilitates a fresh way of looking at ourselves, our relationships, work, health and money.

Fresh thought, is a catalyst for insights.

One single insight, can reduce mental stress, and transform a situation from a problem to an opportunity.

Who hires a Transformative Coach?

People who want better relationships at home and at work. 

They want to achieve more in business and their personal life, and have more peace of mind.

Individuals who are intelligent, and emotionally healthy, but are feeling a little stuck.

The people I coach with, are ready to make a change… 

Consider where you are in your career, your business or in your personal life.  If you keep doing exactly what you are doing now, and what you have been doing for the past few weeks, months or years, what is your default future?  You guessed it…  Your default future is simply more of what you have now.

What stands in your way?

My guess is you know exactly what you need to do to get out of your career rut, create more clients or make more money.  And, I’m convinced that you know what you need to do to improve your relationships or find the man/woman of your dreams.  The only obstacle, is that you stop yourself from taking the next step.  You stop yourself with scary thoughts that seem real.  Thoughts like I’m going to come across as pushy, needy or creepy. Or I’ll make a fool of myself, or the economy is bad and no one is spending money on ____________ (fill in the blank).

My job as a coach, is to help you  to see the truth about what is standing in your way, so you can move past it.  

What can you expect?

My purpose as your coach, is to help you create the success you dream of, at your own individual pace and in your own style.  If I am not honest and direct with you, it will slow down your progress.  Our time together, will be spent identifying what you want to change and how we are going to make that change happen.   Real change can happen quickly, but you have to be willing to drop the story that has been holding you back.  You have to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself beyond your fears.  If you want to change your life, and  you are ready to make a commitment to yourself to do the work, to make that change a reality, then we will make a great team.